It’s been an exhilarating half-term week for us at Hive Projects as we, alongside the enthusiastic school children of Hyndburn Borough Council areas, embarked on an artistic journey to create stunning hoardings for our upcoming construction phase in Accrington Town Square.

The mission at hand was no small feat: Three expansive buildings in need of hoardings, a theme that resonates with the heritage and future of the community and above all, a deep emphasis on community involvement.

Working in partnership with Hyndburn Borough Council, the Accrington Town Square team commissioned a series of inspiring community workshops, expertly guided by a local artist who drew inspiration from century-old local woodblock prints. These workshops unfolded within the local Haworth Art Gallery over the most recent half term.

We’re so excited to see the final product of this collaborative effort. Hundreds of intricate prints are set to be digitised and transformed into a visual masterpiece that will take centre stage in Accrington Town Square.