We’re happy to announce our newly appointed role as client-side project managers for the Bolton Wellsprings Conversion, a programme of works, aimed at cultivating a vibrant and inclusive business environment in Bolton town centre. 

We are leading the conversion of the Wellsprings building into a dynamic space that will house independent retailers and host various events on the ground floor. This scheme will result in the provision of 8,300 sq. ft of commercial space, supporting the growth of local businesses and community engagement. The upper floors of this five-story structure are dedicated to providing 22,700 sq. ft of office space. These spaces are specifically designed to accommodate spaces for emerging businesses, facilitating innovation and growth for local businesses and communities.  

This £11 million project is made possible through the collaborative efforts of various entities. A significant portion of the funding, £6.9 million, is contributed by the government’s Towns Fund, with an additional £1.4 million from the UK Shared Prosperity Fund (UKSPF). Bolton Council’s commitment is evident with its allocation from the budget to cover the remaining costs, reaffirming a united effort in driving local development for Bolton. 

The Wellsprings project aligns seamlessly with our vision for Greater Manchester, positioning Bolton as a thriving town of creativity and entrepreneurship. As we embark on this journey, we anticipate the project’s positive impact on local businesses and the community at large. We are particularly thrilled about the social value aspects we plan to embed in the Wellsprings scheme, as it not only redefines the commercial landscape of the area but also enhances community provision and is a catalyst for inclusive, diverse and organic business growth. 

Bolton, having received a total of £23 million from the Towns Fund last July, is strategically investing in multiple areas for community development. The Wellsprings project contributes significantly to this investment, not only providing commercial spaces but also enhancing Bolton Market, public realm improvements, and the redevelopment of Bolton Central Library. This comprehensive approach includes the expansion of the aquarium, modernisation of libraries, and the introduction of flexible workspaces. 

We’ve worked on similar schemes in the past, including Stockport Borough Council, and most recently, our support on the Spinningfields centre. We know firsthand the impact this type of scheme will have to the local communities, increasing footfall and encouraging outward investments to the area and local businesses.