Our team had the pleasure of presenting at the RAAC Discovery afternoon as part of this year’s UKREiiF conference. It was a fantastic opportunity to share insights and learnings with some of the best in the industry on such a crucial topic in construction right now.

Our Director, Chris Waine, had the privilege of presenting alongside Andrew Buckley and Oliver Organ from Curtins, and Richard Burgin from Airedale NHS Foundation Trust, at Leeds College of Building. The level of engagement and enthusiasm from all attendees was truly inspiring.

Also supporting the delivery of the fully booked workshop was: Robertson Group, P&HS Architects, NG Bailey, Shelby, BIS Consult, and the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC).

We are excited about the insights gained and the connections made during this event. And seeing the support that exists in the construction industry in tackling the current RAAC problem which is becoming more and more prevalent.

Beyond the RAAC workshop, our teams enjoyed a variety of workshops and conferences ranging from private housing to regional-specific investment and redevelopment opportunities, such as those in Liverpool. It was also a great opportunity for Hive teams to connect with their colleagues, clients, and peers.