At Hive Projects, the commitment to social value is not just a component of our projects; it’s deeply imbedded in our culture, and our team members are truly passionate about it.

We actively promote and support our teams’ involvement in community service, including regular engagement in activities such as mentoring, aiding school’s programmes, and contributing to various charitable initiatives within various communities throughout the year.

This week, we were privileged to receive an invitation to collaborate with the dedicated volunteers of Manchester Settlement’s food pantry initiative. Manchester Settlement is a social enterprise that extends vital community services to the north Manchester area, serving a diverse range of families. Their offerings encompass childcare provisions, immigration support, community inclusion programmes, and the provision of groceries through their food pantry scheme.

In a time where many individuals and families are grappling with the increasing challenges of providing for their loved ones, we were profoundly moved to play a small yet significant role in addressing this pressing issue. This opportunity aligns with our core values and underscores our commitment to making a positive impact in the communities we work within.