Yvonne Nanyanzi

BSc (Hons), MSc

Project Manager

I pursued a degree in Urban Studies and Planning at the University of Sheffield and later received sponsorship from my employer to undertake an MSc in Construction Project Management. Reflecting on my educational path, I wish I had been aware of construction-related degrees when I initially chose my undergraduate program. Such awareness might have offered me a more direct entry into the industry. Nevertheless, I loved my university experience and the skills it’s equipped me with.

Working on the Chester Northgate redevelopment was a fantastic opportunity for me as it was a complex historic project that was impacted by Covid and the Russian invasion of Ukraine so there was a lot to grapple with in terms of labour shortages, inflated costs and extensions of time. But it was a huge learning curve for me and it was rewarding to see the scheme open to the public.

I believe that one of the industry’s most significant hurdles is the adoption of digital technologies, especially within professional services. It is concerning that the construction sector is struggling with persistent issues related to costs and project timelines. However, I feel that embracing and implementing emerging technologies, like artificial intelligence, can help mitigate these challenges and optimise the industry.

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