BTH – Minor Works

  • Client: Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  • Role: Project Management
  • Value: £6m+ combined as of 21/03/2023
  • Sector: Healthcare

Project Overview

Appointed to BTH since February 2023, helping the Capital Estates Team to address a backlog of minor works.


  • Renal Day Case Unit: Unit for renal investigations, assessments and interventions involve alteration of an existing space to provide additional clinical areas. Works to be completed this financial year.
  • SPECT CT: Replacement of an existing scanner. Programme and budget are currently being developed for works this financial year.
  • Cooke Freeze Service Resilience: Increase catering freezers capacity. Phase 1 is a feasibility study to inform options, programme and budget.
  • Command Centre Lockers: Improving staff facilities by conversion of storage space into new staff locker room.
  • Ward 17 Repair Works: Minor repairs to improve patient and staff environments.
  • BRI Service Duct Asbestos Abatement Programme – £5m: In addition to the above, managing a complex Asbestos Abatement Programme of Works which consists of decontaminating the hospital main services duct located beneath the site buildings. This is a very complex scheme as steam used for heating and DMHW will need to be isolated in phases which will impact circa 80% of the site. The scheme is currently at stage 1 and will likely be carried out in 4 phases over a 5 year programme with temporary heating being installed to facilitate the works.

 Services and value added

  • Collaborative working with multi-channel stakeholders to minimise disturbance to achieve a challenging programme.
  • Quickly deliver minor works to reduce the Trust’s growing backlog.
  • Utilise healthcare experience to make quick and effective decisions regarding design, budget and programme.