Airedale Modular Deck Car Park

  • Client: AGH Solutions / Airedale NHS Foundation Trust
  • Role:  Project Management / Employers Agent
  • Value: c. £1.5m
  • Sector: Healthcare

Project Overview

To alleviate car parking capacity issues faced by the Trust the project team identified a modular car parking system which was currently being used in Guildford and which was coming to the end of the hire period. The team have procured the car park through a bespoke contracting arrangement allowing the Trust to realise income early in the process. 

Due to be erected in August 2023 and lasting only two weeks to construct. Once installed the new car park will provide over 100 extra parking spaces which will help to reduce the parking constraints whilst also freeing up sections of the hospital to allow future development of the hospital’s facilities.

Services and value added

  • Assisted in complex commercial negotiations alongside the Trusts legal advisors.
  • Led on the development of designer’s scope for a unique design process.
  • Coordination of the works inside the overall RAAC remediation programme.
  • Alongside the contractor developed logistic plans to ensure disruption to operational services are not impacted during the build process.