Kelly Godfrey

BA (Hons), CIPD

Social Value and ESG Manager

I lead the social value, sustainability, and ESG activities for Hive Projects. With my previous experience in the commercial, government, and higher education sectors, I oversee our social value, sustainability, and ESG activity across the portfolio while actively working on client-side projects, consulting on policy, and developing tangible delivery strategies.

I am genuinely interested in promoting equality in employment, and have actively participated in projects aimed at bridging gender gaps in terms of employability, pay, and accessibility. Despite progress, it is alarming that the gender pay gap still persists. Furthermore, the traditional workday structure often favours men and does not consider obligations such as school runs that are typically shouldered by women. I make it a point to stay informed on issues like these and take measures to remove barriers that discourage women from re-entering the workforce after having children.

As a member of the governing body of a local primary school, I have gained invaluable insights into the education system, which has been a fulfilling experience for me. In addition, I am also a board member of the Liverpool Chamber, an organisation that holds a special place in my heart for the invaluable support it provides to the business community.

Faye Threlfall

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