James Quirk

BSc (Hons), APM Practitioner 

Associate Director



My background primarily lies in project management within the commercial and residential sectors. Additionally, I possess significant experience and extensive knowledge in successfully delivering projects related to art and culture. This includes collaborating with local authorities, city councils, and stakeholders from the private sector.

If I had to pick a couple of projects that were pivotal moments in my career to date, I would mention the Vita St Albans scheme, which received a prestigious RIBA award. Being a part of that project was truly satisfying, knowing that our efforts were recognized and celebrated. The project management of commercial office developments is filled with excitement due to the unique social value they offer. Additionally, I take pleasure in working on projects that involve the restoration of neglected and undervalued historic buildings, such as Martins Bank in Liverpool. On these particular schemes, there is an enhanced sense of responsibility and a feeling of being a custodian of such historic, cultural spaces.

Liz Hartley Director Hive Projects

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